Educator of the Week - Mrs. Woodard

Keeping the attention of one five or six year old child is a lot a imagine having twenty-two of them. As a kindergarten teacher at J.E Harper Elementary School it’s a job that Mrs. Woodard loves. She says, "The first time you see it in their face, that they actually have read a sentence, a look of amazement comes over their face."
From listening to them read their very first book to helping them tie their shoe laces for the very first time, Mrs. Woodard plays an important role in the lives of her students. One parent describes Mrs. Woodard as an educator who looks for any opportunity to boost her students confidence. Mrs. Woodard says shares her philosophy in teaching, "You just take them where they are and you go as far as you can with them. You treat each one as an individual."

Today we recognize Laura Woodard for her contribution to children.