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Shed Ender: "Does It Work?"

By Joe Terrell

If you have pets in the house, we don't have to tell you this is the time of year when they start letting go of some hair. It can be bad. But this week's "Does It Work?" product is supposed to be the answer. Tonight, we put the Shed Ender to the "Does It Work?" test.

It's the "professional de-shedding tool" that "removes shedding hair where other brushes fail." Angelo, a white lab-mix and Gayle Helms with the Humane Society of Smith County volunteered to help us test those claims. And Gayle's seen some shedding animals in her days. "It's a real problem, because they're going to be shedding for about a month and it's not going to come out at the same time so you've got a hair problem for a while," says Gayle.

We pop open the product, inspect it a bit and read the instructions. It has a nice rubber hand grip, and metal teeth that are awful close together. One quick note, the comb must be pushed in one direction. One side is marked "front." But if you happen to be left handed, you can unscrew the teeth blade and turn it around for ambidextrous use.

Within three or four seconds of use, we had a comb full of hair. Gayle is impressed so far. "It does grab," she says. "So you can tell it really is going down into the hair." But it doesn't seem to bother Angelo at all. In fact, he seems to like it. The hair was piling up fast, so we decided to do a comparison. We grabbed some metal combs they normally use at the shelter. Both have teeth that are much farther apart than their "as seen on TV" counterpart. Gayle combed through Angelo's hair using a regular steel comb, trailing with the Shed Ender. She was impressed with what it picked up that the regular comb did not. "There's a lot more. It's pulling a lot more out than that is. And I guess it's just how close together those teeth are."

We took the Shed Ender into the cattery. The package says it's gentle enough for both animals. Big "Sam" was kind enough to lend his coat for a cat test.

Sam loved it and the Shed Ender worked very well. "I think it's a good product. Especially compared to other dog combs. I think it's much more effective than they are," says Gayle. "My only concern would be it's got a small head on it as opposed to the larger combs. So, it's going to take a little more time. But that could be good with doing some real bonding with your pet."

"Does It Work?" The Shed Ender gets a "yes."

The Shed Ender costs $9.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond,


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