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Food in Five Magnificent Mediterranean Spread

Magnificent Mediterranean Spread


1 package of hummus.

½ cup tomato

¼ cup chopped cucumber

1 package of low fat feta cheese

2 tablespoons of pitted olive.

Flat Bread


  1. Spread hummus on bottom of container.
  2. Layer other ingredients.
  3. Serve with flat bread.


Functional foods:

Hummus – Vitamin C (antioxidant)

Tomato – lycopene, rutin – a vitamin C booster

Olives – monounsaturated fat – good for heart health

Flatbread – flax – omega-3 fatty acids




Many of us have learned that ‘a calorie is a calorie’ or ‘food is broken down in the body the same way.’  We have been trained that foods benefit is in the form of giving us energy, providing us with vitamins, or aiding in muscle structure.  However, recent research studies reveal some foods scientifically aid in health benefits other than its basic nutrient composition.  The foods, termed functional foods, are the ‘super foods’ that help aid in prevention and maintenance of many disease states prevalent in the world. 


The current market for functional foods is growing due to consumer interest in the relationship between food and health.  Locating functional foods is as easy as a quick stop to the local grocery store.  No expensive store or 3 hour trip is needed to find functional foods.  A stop in the fruit and vegetable section will find the majority of functional foods.  The following chart list several functional foods and benefits from consumption.


Functional food

Key substance

Health benefits


Soy protein

Support healthy cholesterol levels



Supports Intestinal health

Green/black tea


Reduce risk for cancers



Reduce risk for cancers



Reduce risk for cancers



Reduce risk of heart diseases and certain cancers

Purple grape juice

Polyphenolic compounds

Support cardiovascular function


Soluble fiber

Reduce cholesterol levels


Omega-3 fatty acids

Reduce risk of heart disease

Fruits and vegetables


Reduce risk of heart disease and cancers.



Shelly A Marie, MS, LDN, RD is a sports and wellness dietitian, personal trainer, and speaker.








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