Desoto Police Juror Suicide Attempt

Two weeks after De Soto Parish Police Juror Charles Burford filed a police report, saying an armed robber shot him at his Keatchie diary, he confessed to lying about it, according to De Soto Parish Sheriff Rodney Arbuckle.

Thursday Sheriff Arbuckle called a news conference to announce that Burford has surrendered to authorities, and had been arrested and charged with criminal mischief and filing a false police report.

If you listened to locals talking about Thursday's big news, you heard what some have been saying since the beginning, the story just didn't seem right.

"Something was fishy from the very beginning but I could not believe what they found," says one De Soto Parish resident.

Investigators say they found out that Burford was lying. Here is the truth: According to authorities, Burford was arrested on March 10 by Shreveport police. He was busted for allegedly showing up at a Shreveport hotel for rendezvous with a prostitute.

One the morning of Saturday, March 11, around 11am, Burford went to his Keatchie dairy far with the intention of killing himself. He was embarrassed by the arrest, police say. Shortly after 1am, Sheriff Arbuckle says Burford shot himself.

"The first shot that was fired did not result in the effect that he was expecting, so about two hours passed and then the second shot was inflicted on himself," says Lt.Toni Morris.

After shooting himself again, police say Burford tried to stage an armed robbery, even firing stray bullets that he thought might later throw off police.

"I just think he was a desperate man looking for a desperate way out," says Sheriff Arbuckle.

Shortly after 5am, that Saturday morning, with two self inflicted bullet holes in him, the Sheriff says Burford drove across the Texas line where he passed out on a Panola County Highway, and hit a tree.

"He apologized for making us go through this, in fact yesterday when I talked to him he did tell me just said, I want to apologize, I was just under a lot of pressure, he just said I want to tell you I'm sorry, and his apology is accepted," says Sheriff Arbuckle.

As of now Burford has not resigned his post as District 1A Police Juror; Louisiana law does not require him to do so.