Austin's Story

Test 10 year old austin is spending the day with is foster mother at the sci port discovery center in shreveport..(nat) and while this day is filled with fun..behind the smiles..
 Austin feels like he's missing something..a family to call his own.
 <12:45:25 – it's hard to not be in a real family and it's hard not to be able to see your mom and dad and it's sometimes sad.>
 austin has been in foster care for more than two years now and he's looking for a family that likes to have fun!
 his foster mother brinda says he's very active…like most 4th grade boys.
 <15:34:21 –  he likes to play basket ball, he likes to ride his bike, he likes to just be involved.>
  autin recently joined a basket-ball team and says he would eventually like to play baseball too (use pics of him throwing the ball) (nat) from the looks of things