Heart Pictures

Thanks to a diagnostic tool that's new to Shreveport Bossier, finding possible heart problems can now be a little easier on some patients.
At 70 years old Buddy Keathly's starting over with a new wife, a few children and plenty of grand kids.
"I wasn't around mine when they were small that much and I love kids," he says."The little boy took up with me and the new baby come along in January and I took up with her."
But some troubling symptoms had the proud grandpa and his new family worried.
After a stress test showed he might have some blockage in his heart, doctors told him he needed cardiac catheterization or a coronary angiogram.
"A coronary angiogram requires that we go in through the femoral artery up to the heart and actually takes some pictures of the coronary arteries, says Dr. Ralph Baucum III.
"Anytime you cut on me or do anything inside it's dangerous. I was a little shy about it," says Buddy.
Buddy wanted a less invasive approach.
So doctors at Christus Schumpert used the new 64 slice CT scanner, the first in Shreveport Bossier, to take pictures of his heart.
It's so fast it can scan the heart in seconds.
Doctors says they can now image the beating heart and freeze it.
It takes just ten minutes to produce crystal clear images of the heart's arteries like these.
They're clear enough that doctors can see any problems...and hopefully stop a heart attack before it starts.
Doctors can even see the heart while it's beating and from any angle they'd like.
Thankfully Buddy's scans showed no blockages and it saved him an invasive heart cath.
"It's been a good experience for me and I'm glad everything came out ok,"
CHRISTUS St. Michael in Texarkana also has one of the 64 slice CT scanners.