Latura and Shandra Williams

Today in america, children in foster care wait an average of five years to be adopted -- a lifetime to a child.  Sometimes the court system can be slow, and foster care social workers don't have time to actively recruit adoptive families. That's where Wendy's Wonderful Kids comes in. It's a parternership between the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and Volunteers of America. KSLA is pleased to be playing a role in the Ark-la-tex. 
Once a month, we will feature a child in need of a loving, permanent home.  Today we introduce you to two young girls in need of a loving home. Eight year old Lataura Williams and eight year old Shandra Williams. Here's their story .
Lataura enjoys riding her bike, writing stories and reading. She wants to learn how to pay the piano and do karate. Her sister Shandra also likes to ride her bike, watch tv and go out to eat.. Both girls need a loving home.  The girls say it is ok if they are adopted by different families.. But the girls will need a structured home with clear boundaries. Right now both girls are in thearapy and on medication for Attention Defict Disorder. Their behaviors are improving...and placed in the right family, these bright and beautiful girls will prosper. 
"Sometimes i make good grades, I have A's and B's."
"What's your fav subject? 
"Math, spelling, math and language."
If you would like to adopt either of these girls, call the Volunteers of America and speak with Terri Prescott.