Caddo Sheriff Versus FEMA Story Goes National

We've reported the stories of the Caddo Sheriff's Offices recent raids at Shreveport's Emergency shelter, The Pelican Haven, which netted four arrests, not counting an evacuee charged with rape. Now Sheriff Steve Prator's battle with FEMA will go national, after a Thursday interview with cable network, CNN. Prator says, "I was pleased because I want to get the story out that we're not getting any cooperation. The state and federal government has information that can keep the taxpayers of Caddo Parish safe".

Prator says the CNN interview came as a surprise, but he's happy to let others know about the problems he's had getting FEMA to allow background checks. Prator says, "we've shown that the arrest records, the letters, the demands for information, the emails, the phone calls and everything else I've done has been stonewalled consistently by them". Prator's story will air on a show that frequents the hurricane's aftermath, 'Anderson Cooper 360'. Prator hopes other law enforcement officials will get involved. Prator says, "the one thing I think can benefit this is all the law enforcement officials around the U.S. can see the trouble we're having and we can join ranks and get the public behind us and we can do something with the federal bureacracy that's keeping such important information from us".

While this sheriff means business, he still has a sense of humor, and had one request for the CNN reporter. Prator says, "(I) asked her not to make me look like the sheriff on Smokey and The Bandit, and she agreed to that. She said she couldn't do anything about my accent". Either way, Prator knows a national story could make a big difference in his battle.