Girlfriend Of Child Molester And Her Children Back In Texas

Shelby County Sheriff Newton Johnson has ordered an east Texas mother to stay away from her children, for Sunday night.

The move comes less than 24 hours after Rachael Yarborough and her three children showed up in their hometown of Jacquin, Texas. She had been on the run with her children for more than two weeks. They left with Yarborough's boyfriend, James Robert Loomis, who is a convicted child rapist.

Prosecutors may file charges against Yarborough if they can prove she ran away with Loomis knowing he was child predator.

On Sunday night, tensions apparently arose when Child Protective Services showed up at Yarborough's home to remove her three children.

But CPS agreed to a comprise proposed by Shelby County Sheriff Newton Johnson letting the children stay at their grandparents home as long as the mother went somewhere else.

Sheriff Johnson says on Monday the state will decide whether or not they will remove the children from the home.