New Medic Units for Fire Department

The original plan was to move medic units around in order to make them get to where they're going faster. Chief Kelvin Cochran says "We try to get ninety percent within nine minutes of ALS, and transportation". But moving medic  19 from Elerbe road to Cedar Grove didn't sit well with residents, through their elected city councilwoman Cindy Robertson, they spoke up. "There will be no relocation of current medical units". "They were glad to see that city hall works" Robertson said. The new plan involves an additional two medic units. The current fleet consists of eight, Chief Cochran and the current city council want 10, plus a few extra engines. "Because of the standard the citizens has established for their emergency medical serives, the plan is involving additional ALS engine companies and two additional medic units. That tenth medical unit that Mayor Kieth Hightower has committed to will come here to fire station number 13 on west 70th street, but the ultimate decision for that will be left up to whoever takes the mayoral seat next year. "I believe because it's driven by the citizens it will be a high priority in this upcoming campaign season.." Cochran said. A new mayor opposed to the tenth unit, for whatever reason, would have an entire city council to battle. "It was a unanimous vote which shows they saw the need for the entire city, not just for a particular district, but for the city to have services" Robertson said. And the faster those services, the better.