Never Too Late

A new study adds to the growing body of evidence that it's never too late to start exercising.
And we found a prime example we hope will inspire you.
Kedgy Larson asks Ms. Caroline Denney, "You ready? How many? Twenty?"
Caroline Denney is ready all right.
From the arms to the thighs, for the last two years she's been working out hard.
"My legs are just getting so muscley," she says. "I do all these machines..most of em."
And she walks a mile in around 25 minutes and, oh yeah, she's 95 years old.
"I'm having a wonderful time."
What's even more amazing is how far she's come.
Her trainer Kedgy Larson says, "She couldn't dress herself. She couldn't feed herself. She couldn't move from one place to another with out some kind of assistance or walker."
He daughter-in-law Anne says "Look at her now, she's like the ever ready battery. Keeps going and going. (laugh)"
It was a bout with shingles that robbed Ms. Denney of her independence.
"The doctor was sending me to the nursing home to die," she says.
Instead her daughter-in-law brought her here to Fitness Lady Inc. where owner Kedgy Larson helped her to live.
"Not only has her ability to stand and to do activities of daily living improved but her speed has improved and her gain has improved and her stride which are all real important to seniors," Larson says.
If Ms Denney's story inspires you wait until you hear her daughter-in-law's.
"Four years ago I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Two years after that I had a knee replacement. A year after that I had a torn Achilles tendon.Then this past summer my cancer came back."
And through it all she didn't stop exercising.
"It's a lot better than staying home and feeling sorry for yourself," she says.
And if there's one message that rings out loud and clear, it's this.
"It's never too late for anybody if you're just willing to try," Ms. Denney says.
In the study seniors averaging 83 years old had similar improvement to Ms. Denney's.
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