Jackson Heights Residents Move Out, Housing Authority Plans Changes

 Yazzie Bishop admits she had reservations the first time she moved in to Wilkinson Terrace.

nytime there's packing involved you know there will be headaches," she says. Bishop had lived for eight years at Jackson Heights in Allendale before Shreveport's housing authority decided to gut the entire area. She calls it her "only choice"--despite a life of working a steady job.
here is always room for chance and the betterment of the community--but you always hate to see something like that happen because of the breakup of the community," she says. The housing authority closed down Jackson Heights officially in January.
t was the first low income property in the housing authority," says Donzetta Kimble, the head of that agency. She says the sheer age of Jackson Heights contributed the most to it's closing. It was first built in 1941. They'll tear it down completely by the end of September---but not before building a perimeter fence around it.
     "We've got some homesteaders, not residents, but people actually trying to occupy units. I assume they are homeless and there are people actually stealing screens and other items to get a return of money," says Kimble.      
        The new structure set to be built won't have as many units.
aybe 50 elderly, because you have some who have indicated that they want to come back to the area to live," says Kimble.
      When that happens, Bishop hopes to be a part of it. Until then, she'll make the most of her new community.
here are a lot of people who don't know others so it would be nice to get them together and join in and make it feel like home," says Bishop.