Wallet Pain

If you're having leg or back pain you might want to check your wallet.
It just might be a part of the problem.
T.J. Jones,"It's pretty big."
Like most men T.J. Jones carries a wallet and he always keeps it in the back right pocket.
"I got credit cards, membership cards to golf courses, money and a bunch of receipts and check stubs," he says.
That's where Dennis Odom carries his wallet too.
Both men were equally surprised that the size of a wallet and where it's kept could lead to some painful problems.
Doctor Pierce Nunley with the Spine Institute of Louisiana says "The sciatic nerve which leads out of the pelvis, if your wallet's low, that can cause a pinching of that and it can contribute to a diagnosis not made very often called piriforma."
But it's not just wallets.
Dr. Nunley says purses, backpacks, even clothing, can commonly contribute to pain.
He says it's all about balance.
"It's typically back pain. Sometimes people can complain of what's called a pinched nerve. It typically is that it throws the pelvis off," he says.
It's a lesson T. J. Jone's friend Mike Hughes learned early.
"I was having serious pain back then. I can't say it was all the wallet," Hughes says.
"I went to the chiropractor high school football days and i was told if you're going to carry a wallet keep it as thin as possible. Rotate the sides."
As for Jones, for now he says he's not making any changes to his wallet.
"That's my whole lifestyle is my wallet. I can't change. I'd be lost without everything in my wallet," he says.
Doctor Nunley says he wouldn't tell everybody with a wallet to get rid of it but if someone starts feeling pain in the leg or back...it's one of the things to check.