Feds Raid Stores in North Louisiana

It is unusual for the FBI to even confirm or deny there involvement in an investigation, that is it its early stages. But Wednesday, Federal Officials did say they are conducting criminal investigations into several convenient stores in North East Louisiana.

Federal agents tried to hide evidence from the cameras, but they couldn't cover up all of what has been uncovered, in a story that's taking locals by surprise.

"O my god, that's really scary. I had no idea.," says Evely

Nobody knew anything when the FBI also stormed this Fina Mart in Monroe.

Sources tell News 12 domestic and international terrorism ties are being looked into, but as of now the case appears to be more criminal than terror related.

Authorities are looking in to allegations of money laundering; the use of phoney money that may have been sent overseas.

Lieutenant Curtis Hawkins told News 12 Wednesday, "The Ruston Police Department and the Lincoln Parish Sheriffs Department were asked by the FBI to provide site security for them while they conduct a search of the premi

Ruston residents knew something was up Wednesday when they saw police rope off the area around the East Side Mini Mart.

"They just tell me to put my hands up and I did it," says Shallah Hagan. He was working in the store when police busted in w

"They just started searching for clothes and stuff, and they just started digging, but we didn't have noth

Once agents left, Hagan re-opened the store, noticing that police had taken t-shirts depicting middle eastern icons.

As far as arrests, there were none in the city of Ruston, and none elsewhere, that we know of, in North Louisiana.