Kids Headaches

A new study from Mayo Clinic shows headaches and sleep problems tend to go hand in hand..especially for kids.
Playing guitar is a type of therapy for 17-year-old Katelyn Wilson.
"You can express yourself," she says.
But her music stopped when Katelyn was plagued by chronic daily headaches.
"I would never play my guitar because it hurt," she says.
Katelyn's constant headaches made it hard to concentrate on school work.
The headaches also kept her from getting a decent night's sleep.
"I'd either wake up with a headache or go to bed with a headache," she says. "It was awful."
Dr. Lenora Lehwald says "Children who have chronic daily headaches have a 67-percent chance of also having a sleep disturbance."
Now, it sure seems that, in Katelyn's case, the headaches cause her sleep problems.
Maybe so, but it's sort of like the chicken and the egg thing. Headaches may cause difficulty sleeping, but lack of sleep makes the headaches worse.
"Until we address the sleep disorder, we're not going to have very much luck in trying to improve the headache disorder," Dr. Lehwald says.
So Dr. Lehwald recommends good sleep hygiene which includes using the bedroom for sleep only (not TV or video games), having a bedtime routine, and having a consistent bed and wake-up time each day.
She also helped Katelyn break the headache cycle with prescription medications that work slowly over time.
Now, Katelyn's better. Rested with fewer headaches.
"I haven't had a bad headache in a really long time," she says.
Dr. Lehwald says it's important for kids who have headaches not to take over-the-counter medications like acetaminophen or ibuprofen every day.
Daily doses can actually make headaches worse.