Eyelash Extensions

There's no doubt if you look good you feel better.
So today we have a beauty tip for you.
If it's all in the eyes...here's a way to make your peepers stand out.
Helen Hall, "This is an 11 I'm dropping here. These are 15's."
These are the latest thing for ladies looking for long luscious lashes for their lookers.
That's what Skye Cresswell who works at Maya's Day Spa has wanted for a long time.
"Just being able to see the eye lashes from a distance and that I have lashes. Cause when I looked before I just never really saw eye lashes. I just saw eye liner," she says.
So when owner and Certified Physician's assistant Helen Hall learned how to do eyelash extensions Skye was one of the first in the recliner.
First she looks for a good lash. 
"A lash that's not fully grown and a lash that's not too short. We don't want it falling off."
Then she glues each extension onto an eyelash.
Each eyelash extension is painstakingly placed one at a time. 
"We place about 30 of them on each eye for a full complete nice set," says Helen.
A set that turns puny lashes into full flirtatious flutterers.
And transforms paltry peepers into irresistible eyes.
Just look at Skye before then after. 
"It's like having lashes for the first time like flirty lashes. I never had flirty lashes. Laughter," she says.
The extensions are different from what you usually think of as false lashes which come on a strip or ball and is glued onto the eyelid. 
"A lot of people feel discomfort with that. They do feel like there's something on their eye. People that have sensitive eyes and sensitive skin they don't quite enjoy them, " says Helen.
Since the eye lash extensions are glued onto individual lashes they last for four to six weeks even with normal activities like bathing and swimming. 
"In terms of diseases or any skin conditions there are no risks involved. As long as they have their lashes they can get eye lash extensions," Helen says.
A full set of extensions will cost 250 dollars.
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