Premier Garage

Premier Garage

If you're tired of your cluttered garage and would like for it to look as nice as the inside of your home, Premier Garage can make the transformation happen.

Darrell and Glinda Parker have the exclusive franchise for the entire Ark-La-Tex area. They will come to your home and have a look at your garage space and then formulate a customized computer plan. They will come back and visit with you, show you the plan, and provide you with an estimated cost for your job.

Premier Garage specializes in durable, heavy duty cabinetry and gridwall organizers for everything from gardening to golfing. You'll also love the specialty, high gloss coating they can apply to your garage floor. You won't ever have to worry about motor oil stains because they will wipe up easily. You can also be back on the floor within 24 hours of application of the coating.

For more details log on to where you can also watch a complete video presentation on their work.

Owners - Darrell and Glinda Parker

Premier Garage
1338 Hawn Avenue
Shreveport, LA 71107
Phone 318-676-4033
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