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1/17/06-"Does It Work?"

Just A Trim-"Does It Work?"

It's the "mistake-proof hair trimmer" allowing you to "look sharp in between haircuts." The package says it's safe on all areas including neckline, beard or mustache.

The Just A Trim comes with two comb guard, and a little cleaning brush. It runs on two AAA batteries.

Jason Hewes is our volunteer. He's gone a few weeks without a haircut. Jason starts with the sides of his head. Perhaps it was the angle he was using, but not much was coming off at first. Then he gets a little more brave, combing all over now. The blades seem to be cutting just fine. "It pulls a little bit, but not very bad actually," says Jason.

For the back of the head, the instructions call for an "upward and out" motion. We comply, and accidentally take a little chunk of hair off the back. It was right near the neckline. We worked on it with the short guard and got it evened out pretty good. We also used the built-in guard on the trimmer to clean up Jason's neck.

Side by side, in the "before and after" shots, you could tell Jason had gotten a trim. He was little hung up about a little bald spot he had etched right above one of his ears.

So, "Does It Work?" "It would work for people who have the same length hair all over their head, it would work fine," says Jason. "But people who have tapered cuts, it doesn't work as well. It does cut hair and it did trim it, so I guess it works...but I have reservations?"

Anyway you cut it, that's a "maybe."

We paid $9.99 for the Just A Trim at CVS.

Joe Terrell, reporting. jterrell@kltv.com


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