Motorists rushed to the aid of LA family, others involved in fiery head-on crash in Canada

Good Samaritans run to help crash victims in Canada

Good Samaritans stopped and came to the aid of a Louisiana family and others involved in a fiery crash in Canada earlier this week.

Among the six people killed in the collision are Angela Elkins, of Benton, and her son-in-law Nick Copeland, of Pearland, Texas.

Angela, Nick and three other family members were traveling together while on vacation in Alberta.

Also in the vehicle were Angela's husband, Curtis, and Angela's daughter Sarah.

Both were seriously hurt.

Sarah's toddler son escaped uninjured.

Their vehicle collided head on with another vehicle.

All four occupants of that other vehicle died.

Moments after the violent collision, others who were traveling that same stretch of highway ran to help.

"Members of the public were enormously helpful in saving lives and helping everyone they could," said Sgt. Rick Bidaisee, of the Jasper Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Among those who came upon the accident shortly after it happened was Christina Loescher.

The Colorado woman said she, her husband and others were unable to get close to the burning vehicles.

But people ran to pull the pair out of a third vehicle that had ended up in a ditch.

"The bystanders were really amazing," Loescher said. "We went through the line of cars: Who had first aid kits? Who had blankets and water? ... Who knows CPR?"

When the flames quickly spread to the nearby brush and forest, Loescher said, bystanders gathered fire extinguishers, shovels and even water bottles from other drivers to try to douse the flames.

They also kept watch until a helicopter equipped with a bucket arrived, she added.

Loescher, who rode with the toddler in the back seat of a park ranger's vehicle, said people came together and did the best they could in a horrible situation.

"Germans, Canadians, Americans, and there were some French speakers. I don't know if they were French Canadians or another French-speaking country. And everybody just pulled together and did a really phenomenal job. They didn't just stand around and wait. They dove in and really took care of each other."

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