LA Tech group raises money to help students plan for the future

Group raising money to buy planners for middle schoolers
Jacob Cambre and Skylar Giddens looking at a planner they helped raise money for. (Source: Eric Pointer/KSLA News 12)
Jacob Cambre and Skylar Giddens looking at a planner they helped raise money for. (Source: Eric Pointer/KSLA News 12)

RUSTON, LA (KSLA) - A group of Louisiana Tech students are looking to make a change in students lives by giving them a tool to plan for their futures.

The group 'Planners for Progress' is raising money to provide middle school students in Jackson Parish with day planners.

They customize the planners for each school and then pair the students with different mentors to show them how to use them.

"It was incredibly rewarding to be able to speak to these students and for them to be able to tell someone what they believe in and what they want to do with their lives," said President of the group Jacob Cambre.

Cambre, who plans on going to medical school after college, says he wants to inspire the middle school students.

"A lot of times these students don't have the mentor or the parental guidance to be able to say, 'hey you can do what you want to in life. you can go to college and you can achieve!"

The Vice President for the group Skylar Giddens says he hopes by working with these middle-schoolers they can help them plan for big goals, like going to college.

"We're definitely trying to push education on them as well. We go in and with the mentorship program, we're asking them to set goals for themselves. And we want to see them pursue higher education, you know, go to college and what not," said Giddens.

Giddens plays on attending optometry school after graduating and wants the same type of success for the students they mentor.

Cambre said their first year had a few kinks to work out, but they raised over three thousand dollars.

"We originally wanted to have about 25 kids, but there was so much reception from principals and the community that we actually ended up helping over 500 kids this year. So we well exceed our expectations," said Cambre.

While the cost of each planner is about $3 each, Giddens says the experience they try to give is priceless.

"It doesn't take a lot of money to really change someone's life, especially a student. This planner is such a necessary tool and it's so cheap. If we just kind of teach the kids how to use it, and provide it for them it could really change how they see education as well."

The mentors also follow up with the students throughout the school year to check on the progress of their goals.

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