City of Shreveport truck stolen; suspect caught after winding up in house in Red River Parish

RED RIVER PARISH, LA (KSLA) - A man suspected of stealing a City of Shreveport truck wound up in somebody's house in Red River Parish before being caught, authorities said.

No one was hurt.

Red River Parish sheriff's Chief Deputy Greg Moore says now the man, identified only as Jeffery Pennington, will face multiple charges in Red River Parish.

Pennington has relatives in the area of Red River Parish where he was caught, the chief deputy added.

The Red River Parish Sheriff's Office was notified at 2:45 p.m. Thursday that the stolen Water & Sewerage Department truck was on Louisiana Highway 1.

The vehicle was intercepted by a sheriff's deputy who was in the area on LA 1 at the time.

The truck then turned off LA 1 and onto Henry's BBQ Street. That's about 30 miles south of Shreveport.

The vehicle then continued past the dead-end and into a weeded area before the driver fled on foot, Moore said.

With the aid of two Caddo K-9 units, authorities learned that the man had doubled back and gone into somebody's house.

Authorities had already notified residents of the area to be on alert, the chief deputy said.

The resident of the house contacted the Red River Parish Sheriff's Office.

Authorities then surrounded the house.

The man came out and ran but was caught.

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