Kittens, 2 for 1: Bossier animal shelter battling overcrowding

Bossier City's animal shelter is about as full as it can get

Summer can be a very crowded time at our animal shelters.

Bossier City Animal Control, in particular, is feeling the challenges.

"Overcrowding, you just would not believe. Every one of our rooms just about are full," Assistant Superintendent Kay LaBorde said.

There are 90 dogs and 160 cats at the shelter.

"Normally, we can at least have some movable space. Sometimes we choose to be full because we hang onto dogs longer to try to get them rescued out," LaBorde said.

"But right now, we don't have that option."

One of the biggest issues is animals coming in while pregnant, leading to a large number of kittens in need of adoption.

It is an issue all shelters see in the summer months; and this summer is off to a very busy start, LaBorde said.

"Very concerned, especially in cat area.

"We've got every kennel full. We've got temporary kennels set up," she continued.

"Again, like I said, the babies and Mommas don't thrive very well in a shelter. They need to be in at least a foster home until the kittens are six to seven weeks old."

So the Bossier City animal shelter is promoting fostering and adopting more than ever before, as well as trying to get owner surrenders to hold on to their animals until there is space.

The facility also is promoting an ambassador program through which people can try to find a home for a pet themselves on social media.

"We're trying anything and everything to get these dogs in foster homes or permanent homes so we can move on," LaBorde said.

The shelter also receives support from rescue groups and volunteers.

Bossier City  Animal Control is reminding pet owners to to spay and neuter their animals to prevent this type of overcrowding at shelters.

And to fill out an application to foster or adopt an animal, send email to LaBorde at

Animal Control is offering two kittens for the price of one to help clear out the influx.

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