Shreveport hit with 3 shootings in 8 hours after SPD announces plan for crime prevention

Shootings kill 1, critically hurt 2 and wound 1 more

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The city of Shreveport was hit with another wave of violent crime after three shootings happened in three different neighborhoods within 8 hours Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

"I saw yesterday on the news about sheriffs department and the police getting involved in these hot spots. I think its great," said Frances Coleman, a Shreveport resident.

It comes less than 24 hours after officials announced Caddo Sheriff's deputies will be patrolling the streets alongside Shreveport police officers.

"Looks like they wanna try and prove something to the sheriffs and the police department. They talking about starting to put more people on the force, the crime looks like it's getting worse," said Ulisha Parks, another Shreveport resident.

Starting 11 p.m. Wednesday, Shreveport police responded to three shootings in just 8 hours.

The first call coming in near the intersection of Dowling and Patzman, the second on the 3400 block of Fulton Street, and the most recent, happening around 6 a.m. Thursday on the 2600 block of Hassett Street, in Shreveport's Country Club neighborhood.

"There have been questions about could this potentially be related to previous shootings there's not enough information to determine that," said Shreveport Police Public Information Officer Marcus Hines.

Hines says 19-year-old Cardarius Miller was killed and three others were injured in the violence.

"Very tragic, simply because someone has lost their life this evening, and we've gotta get a handle on what's going on out here. This is nonsense, that's what it is, this nonsense needs to stop," said Cpl. Hines.

The fatal shooting of Miller makes it Shreveport's 5th homicide in less than 10 days.

"It's sad, but as long as it's in our community and it's not down on Youree drive, no one will be concerned about it. As long as it's not down there on Springlake or Flournoy Lucas Road, you know, its ok," said Cliophus Black, a Shreveport resident.

Out of the 5 homicides, Shreveport police have only named one suspect. Rotrick Deon Ivory is wanted in connection with the killing of 45-year-old Michael Smith.

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