Shreveport man says city left huge hole in yard

Man blames city for water-filled hole that draws critters

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A Shreveport man is asking for the city to repair huge holes left in his yard after they performed maintenance.

The man says there was a leak on the city's side of his water meter at his home in the 300 block of Robinson Place.

The issue was there for about four months and crews repaired it in early April but left the hole. Since then, the hole has filled with water and other creatures have started growing there, according to the man.

"The water is polluted with tadpoles and who knows what else is in there," said Abbott.

After getting a call from KSLA News 12, the Water & Sewerage Department sent a crew to look at the hole and leak. They discovered a leak uphill from Abbott's home.

Now that city workers are aware of the issue, they're hoping to have it resolved by the end of next week. They'll have to repair the leak uphill before they can fill the hole.

The Water and Sewerage Department director says they've had almost 200 holes since the first of the year they needed to repair. The department was delayed and pushed behind with the freeze and heavy rain at the beginning of 2018.

Abbott says he just hopes they take care of it before anything dangerous happens.

"I'm glad no one's gotten hurt so far, but something needs to be done about it," Abbott said.

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