S'port Councilmen on fatal shooting of 4 year old: "Subculture" has no value of life

Shreveport Councilmen speak on recent tragedy

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Two Shreveport council members did not hold back during a live interview with KSLA News 12's Doug Warner and Domonique Benn concerning the recent shooting death of a 4-year-old in the Allendale neighborhood.

"You've got to be kidding me," said Councilman Willie Bradford, recalling his initial thoughts after being told 4-year-old Messiah Murphy had been hit by one of at least 3 dozen bullets fired near the intersection of Pierre Avenue and Buena Vista Street.

As of Friday evening, Shreveport police has not released any suspect information or who the intended target may have been.

"For this to trickle down to this age, something has to be done", added Councilman Jerry Bowman.

Both Bowman and Bradford told KSLA News 12 they felt compelled to come out to the scene to help gather information, and console family and friends early Friday morning.

But they also feel Mayor Ollie Tyler and Chief Alan Crump should have either made their presence known at the scene overnight or at least addressed the fatal shooting with the public by Friday afternoon.

"I asked to meet with the mayor today and to meet with her and the police chief. But they didn't have time to meet with me," Bradford said.

Bradford has previously suggested one solution to solving the ongoing violent crime in the streets of Shreveport is to bring in help from Caddo Parish deputies.

"We have to bring in resources, parish resources, or state resources, to help us combat this element," Bradford said.

Both men said they have also reached out to Senator Greg Tarver and the Governor John Bel Edwards' office for ideas and assistance.

"Shreveport has developed a subculture," Bradford said. "It's a subculture that has no regards for life value, family value or social value".

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