Too much heat, too little rain; a spring dilemma

Too much heat, too little rain; a spring dilemma

(KSLA) - We are in the midst of spring and summer seems to have intruded its months too early. This is the time of year that we should be mowing nice green lawns that are watered by spring showers. Gardens should be flourishing as well as newly planted flowers. I have been caught up in the sorely lacking rainfall just like you.

After storms almost every weekend, the "well" dried up. This weekend will be hot and dry but, since it's Mother's Day, I think we can handle it. The rain chances over the next five day are not looking impressive. However, the chances should improve by the middle of next week. Keep your fingers crossed.

I have fond memories of cheating the April frosts and lows in the 40s in late April. But that made a turn in a "hot" minute. Just take a look at the weekend forecast and gaze in wonder at the highs for the next seven days. Mid 90s by mid-week? The average high should be 82 and the average low 61. I think we certainly missed that mark.

Looking at long range rain totals is sometimes risky. Many things can change. I'm looking in the above graphic specifically at the rain accumulations from Thursday and Friday. It looked much better yesterday. The projection today is between a quarter and a half inch. I'm not complaining, mind you. A half inch of rain is better than none.

In closing, I'm adding one more graphic: The Drought Tracker. As some folks would say, "What drought??" I know I'm a rain woosy when I consider the fact that we got a good rain last Friday. Have a good weekend and stay cool.

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