Students find yet another use for duct tape; school principal finds himself in a bind

VALLIANT, OK (KSLA) - An ArkLaTex principal found himself in a bind Monday.

Rickey Bowen was bound to a wall by yards upon yards of green, orange and, mostly, traditional gray duct tape.


To raise money for the Parent-Teacher Organization to put back in the classrooms and, further down the road, to upgrade some playground equipment at Valliant Public Schools' elementary campus.

In the end, more than $700 was raised.

And there was enough tape (760 yards, to be exact) on Bowen to hold a grown man to a wall.

Participants even took away the step stool to prove it.

Then video and a photograph were posted on social media to commemorate the effort.

On the eve of the taping, Facebook users described it as a cool idea and asked how much it would cost to buy a full roll.

And they lauded Bowen as a great guy and good sport.

"Looks like the kids got Mr. Bowen good!" one Facebook users commented after the fundraiser.

"Too funny!" another comment says.

Now other school officials need to look out.

"We need to do it with all the principals!" one Facebook users commented after the fundraiser.

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