Election results: May 5, 2018

Election results: May 5, 2018
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EAST TEXAS (KSLA) - Voters in East Texas made their way to the polls Saturday to participate in the day's elections.

On ballots were a variety of mayoral, council and school board member contests along with bond proposals for several school districts.

  • In Marshall, District 6 Commissioner Larry Hurta won re-election for his seat against William Fason.
  • Center ISD had two separate proposals, one for $20 million and one for $10 million. Voters approved both.
  • The nearly $6 million bond proposal for Carthage ISD passed.
  • One of the big-ticket items for Pleasant Grove ISD is a new elementary school. The nearly $20 million bond proposal to fund that project was passed by voters.
  • And in Jefferson, Charles Haggard will replace Carey Heaster Jr. as mayor.

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