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Presley Baggett caps stellar Germantown career with 3rd state golf title

Source: LSU Women's Golf Source: LSU Women's Golf

Germantown is a metro powerhouse in golf. They swept MHSAA 5A Boys and Girls State Championships this week. A future LSU Tiger has dominated the links like Tiger.

Presley Baggett has championship length off the tee and great on the green. Her mental game is another reason why the Lady Maverick is the queen of 5A golf.

"I'm very to myself," Baggett said. "I'm pretty quiet but I just keep to myself and try to focus on my score, don't worry about my past holes and everything. If I do have a bad hole, I just walk for 10 yards and think about it and then I just drop it. Because it can ruin a lot."

Head coach Gregg Perry added that "the biggest thing about her is her course management. She's able to think her way around the golf course. She has a great work ethic, number 1. She works on her game tremendously. From when I first saw her to now, Presley has always been a good player, don't get me wrong. But she's really developed into a steady...very few shots out of her that doesn't go where she wants them to go. We're proud to have had her. We're proud of all of our players obviously. We're hoping to continue the success that she's helped us build."

Baggett capped a dominating Germantown career on Tuesday. She won 7 tournaments in 2018, winning the 5A state title by 9 shots. Baggett finished atop The Sip as a freshman, junior, and a senior.

"It's a very great experience," Baggett said. "My team members definitely helped. They're awesome to be around. I have so many memories and everything. Just having them by my side were amazing."

Presley has dreamed of birdies in Baton Rouge for a very long time.

"My whole life I've wanted to play there. And so they've always stood out, I've always wanted to wear purple and gold since I was 6. My dad remembers the exact moment when I was hitting on the range, saying that I wanted to play golf at LSU. And he was going to do everything he could to help me get there. I can't believe it, never thought this day would come. It's finally here, I'm about to be wearing purple and gold for 4 years."

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