Bossier School Board approves BAFB charter school extension

Bossier gives BAFB 2 more years to open charter school

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - A plan to open a charter school at Barksdale Air Force Base has been given a new lease on life.

It's a two-year extension thanks to the Bossier Parish School Board.

Board members approved the Barksdale charter school June 2, 2016. But, by law, that initial approval is only good for two years.

That's why the board approved a two-year extension Thursday night.

No one expected the Barksdale charter school to happen overnight, especially when you consider that the U.S. military was not expected to give its final approval for a full year.

The board's initial application still holds, granting the charter a 'Type 1 status.' That means the local school board is responsible for the oversight and the school will have its own board of directors to govern school finances, operations and administration.

Tyrell Manieri, III, an attorney for the Bossier Parish School Board, explained: "There's been a few changes in enrollment in the parish, especially how it concerns Barksdale. So that's required some reconfiguration.

"But things have been moving forward pretty steadily, no real delays. It just takes a little while to get a school off the ground."

The school will accommodate 396 students with the ability to go as high as 800.

It will first offer kindergarten through sixth grade and ramp up to a full K-12 school with 800 students in four to six years' time.

The school is still expected to be built on the East Reservation close to new base housing.

With this extension, the charter's planned opening has been shifted by one year.

That means instead of opening in August 2019, it's expected to open in August 2020 if all goes according to plan.

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