Meadowview residents begin restoration efforts after tornado tears up trees

Tornado leaves Bossier City businesses picking up the pieces

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - Meadowview neighbors are still left shocked after an EF-1 tornado tore through their community early Saturday morning.

Tree limbs were thrown across properties, trunks were snapped in half and at least one car was smashed when a tree toppled on top of it.

Troy Eatman and his family said a neighbor's carport was picked up by the twister and tossed onto their home at least 50-yards away.

Eatman's neighbor came by to assess the damage to his home.

"She says, 'we were looking for our cover for our driveway and you got it,'" said Eatman. "'So, I guess you can have it now.'"

Eatman's daughter, Cassia, said she took her little brother into a bathroom when the tornado touched down. She was terrified a tree in their front yard would collide into their home.

"The tree looks like it's about to fall on the house and that's what really scared me," said Cassia Eatman. "If that tree falls, we're all dead."

Down Meadowview Drive, Ancieto Mejia and his 6 kids say they had a rather bizarre 48 hours. Their family trampoline in the backyard was picked up by the tornado and tossed deep into a bayou behind their home.

"I opened the bathroom window and shined my flashlight straight through the back, it went straight up in the air," said Mejia. "It was kind of like out of a movie."

Some homes suffered minor damage from tree branches, some were left untouched and others weren't so lucky.

Geraldine Woods lives next to a home that was impaled by a towering tree.

"In the morning when I got up, that's when I saw this house that was torn to bits with the trees all over," said Woods.

Woods said the family had only been living in the home for about three weeks and is lucky to be alive.

"When the weather started, she told me they came to the front bedroom," said Woods. "If they had not, her daughter would've died."

She said the family is safe but remains startled over the near miss.

"I felt sorry for them, but they are safe and alive," said Woods. "They're just traumatized this tree trunk went through their house."

Right now, residents said they remain powerless. For many, SWEPCO said power won't be restored until Tuesday.

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