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NWS: Tornadoes passed through Caddo Parish, Harrison County

Large tree rests on RV (Source: KSLA News 12) Large tree rests on RV (Source: KSLA News 12)

The National Weather Service has confirmed that two tornadoes touched down in the ArkLaTex on during the late evening of Friday and early Saturday morning.

NWS has also confirmed that EF-1 damage has been found in Umpire, Arkansas in Howard County. However, a report has not been released at this time as crews are still surveying damages.

In Harrison County, NWS confirmed that at 11:50 p.m., EF-0 rated tornado touched down six miles south-southwest of Waskom and traveled ten miles, crossing the state line, ending before reaching Greenwood. The tornado had a path width of 100 yards

An EF-0 ranking on the Enhanced Fujita Scale is the lowest on the scale. NWS says that it reached a total of 80 mph.

Below is the survey summary provided by NWS:

A tornado touched down along FM 9 near FM 451 where it broke several large branches from a few trees here.  

It continued east-northeast just north of CR 1220 where it continued to break large branches from trees.  It blew the roof off a small barn before it crossed into Caddo Parish. It broke several large branches down from a few trees when it crossed Elysian Fields Road.  

The tornado continued east-northeast where it uprooted a tree along Highway 79 that knocked down power lines. 

The tornado continued northeast where it knocked down several large branches from trees along Shirley Francis Road. 

The tornado uprooted trees and broke large branches just southeast of Greenwood before lifting.  

The second tornado was confirmed in Caddo and Bossier Parishes. It was ranked as an EF-1 with a peak speed of 110 mph.

The tornado traveled a total of 22 miles with a path width of 1100 yards. 

NWS says that this is the storm that took the life of 2-year-old Carli Ortiz. 

The storm began 7 miles southwest of Shreveport in Caddo Parish. The end point was one mile north of Princeton.

A tornado touched down just west of 3132 along Dixie Boulevard where it uprooted a few trees. It continued east-northeast crossing 3132 breaking several large branches from trees. The tornado did roof damage to three hotels near the Monkhouse exit along I-20.  

The tornado paralleled I-20 where it uprooted trees and damaged a few billboard signs.  The tornado shifted north-northeast crossing Jewella Avenue near Jackson Street where it began to do significant tree damage in this area.  

The tornado swelled to around 800 yards wide where it uprooted and snapped numerous trees along a 13 block path east-northeast to the vicinity of the intersection of Hearne Avenue and Lakeshore Drive. 

The tornado continued northeast into downtown Shreveport doing sporadic tree damage before crossing the Red River into downtown Bossier City. 

The tornado uprooted a number of trees and broke several large branches between Bossier High School and I-20. The tornado strengthened near the Heart of Bossier shopping center and Benton Road where it uprooted several trees as it headed east-northeast towards Pierre Bossier Mall.  

It uprooted or snapped several trees along the south side of the mall and I-20 in this area.  The tornado was able to knocked down the top half of the east-facing wall of a strip mall on the north side of Pierre Bossier Mall. 

The tornado shifted northeast where it paralleled the north side of East Texas Street where itcontinued to uproot and snap trees. There were a number of mobile homes that weredamaged along East Texas Street/Highway 80 due to falling trees. 

The tornado was at its weakest point as did sporadic tree damage as it crossed over I-220 near Louisiana Downs.  

The tornado began to rapidly strengthen as it approached the Red Chute area where it knocked a large tree down onto a travel trailer in the Hillcrest mobile home park, unfortunately killing a two year old infant.  

The tornado did considerable tree damage as it crossed Bellevue Road just north of Highway 80, splitting trunks and uprooting trees as it reached its widest width, 1100 yards. 

The tornado continued northeast paralleling Adner Road while doing significant tree damage in the northern sections of Country Place Subdivision near Eastwood.  

The tornado continued northeast doing more tree damage as it crossed Winfield Road west of the community of Princeton just west of Princeton Elementary School.  

The tornado uprooted a few more trees north of Princeton along highway 157 before lifting.

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