Cleanup of flood-damaged parks continues

Cleanup of flood-damaged parks continues
Flooding at Riverview Park earlier this year (source: KSLA News 12)

Flash flooding hit four parks along Red River hard earlier this year.

Riverview Park, Hamel Park, C. Bickham Dickson and the dog park all flooded.

At a cost of $7,000, SPAR says it has removed sand and debris from Riverview Park.

Then there's the hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of damage to the waterfall and dancing fountains there.

"We're doing some work on the electrical for the roses so we can get those back running. We'll be doing some work on the waterfall. We're making progress, but it's a long recovery," said SPAR Director Shelly Ragle.

"We'll move to Hamel next and start clearing the driveways and walkways of sand."

C. Bickham Dickson still has a lot of water.

The dog park looks dry but the ground remains very wet, Ragle said.

Continued rain in the ArkLaTex isn't helping the parks dry up.

You can get in parts of Riverview Park.

The other three parks, however, remain closed to the public.

The city plans to apply to FEMA to try to get some money back for the repairs.

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