"Step Forward" report on local education shows growth and shortfalls

"Step Forward" report on local education shows growth and shortfalls

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - It was report card day for schools all across Northwest Louisiana as community group "Step Forward" released its annual report on how the children in our communities are performing in school and after graduation.

Elected officials, community leaders, as well as Caddo Parish Superintendent Dr. Lamar Goree, attended Wednesday morning's report release program. The report highlights key accomplishments and goals in various sectors; provides extensive data ranging from early childhood to workforce development, and focuses on the idea of learning together to ensure success for all children in northwest Louisiana.

Also, among a number of things, the report shows truancy rates are down, graduation rates are up and ACT scores in North Louisiana are the best in the state. On the other side, the readiness of children heading to kindergarten highlights the list of the things needing to be improved.  

Community Foundation executive director, Kristina Gustavson, said, "A lot of times if you look at those scores, they correlate with third grade reading scores several years down the road." She says you can really track a child's progress throughout their educational career by those data points and use them to inform how you should proceed with those children throughout their educational career. 

The report comes from data collected from dozens of agencies including various school boards and the state. Click here to view the full report.  

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