Fan support has Mudbugs in running for national prize

Fan support has Mudbugs in running for national prize

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The Shreveport Mudbugs Hockey team is in the final four of a national contest for a chance to win $150,000 and have an NHL pre-season game take place at George's Pond, otherwise known as the Hirsch Coliseum.

The contest is known as Hockeyville, which looks to celebrate the biggest local fan bases and best stories about minor league hockey teams in the country.

The other teams are all located up north in places like South Dakota, Vermont and New York.

On Friday, April 13, fans are asked to vote for the Mudbugs and post to social media to help bring the winnings to Shreveport.

The money will go towards further renovations for the Hirsch Coliseum, which will help the venue branch out from more than just hockey.

Recently, the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants announced they would be coming to George's Pond. Something that most likely would not have been possible without the recent renovations.

Other events such as ice skating, youth hockey, etc. are also currently going on year-round at George's Pond. The idea is the more renovations made, the more events that can be held.

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