DeSoto congregants seek hope after fire destroys their church

Congregants keep their faith in the wake of flames

KEACHI, LA (KSLA) - Members of a tightly knit congregation in Keachi are picking up the pieces after a massive blaze destroyed their church Saturday night.

Shepard Fields has been attending Mount Sinai Baptist his entire life.

"It's my second home. And this is the place probably where I spent more time here than around my house."

Field said he and other congregants are devastated and heartbroken.

"You really couldn't believe what you saw because you never thought it was something that could happen."

Mount Sinai Baptist has been around for close to 140 years, a fact Fields said makes this time that much harder for him to process and understand.

But his faith is keeping him and his fellow parishioners hopeful for the future.

"I think there are better days ahead. There's going to be some better days ahead," Fields said.

"It's just kind of hard to wrap your head around that something like this has happened."

Mount Sinai Baptist's congregation numbers only 20 people, Fields said.

"Our pastor always says you get both your spiritual food and physical food here," he added.

"We all wrap around each other and help each other; and we're still going to do that."

The blaze that destroyed Mount Sinai Baptist's sanctuary caused only minor damage to its fellowship hall.

So for the time being, services will be held there until work begins on a new church.

"We've been blessed, and we're still going to be blessed," Fields said. "I think there might be brighter times for us even though it's dark right now."

Mount Sinai Baptist has created a GoFundMe page to help garner funds to rebuild its house of worship.

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