ETX nonprofit & school district join to help expand the Texarkana Boys & Girl's Club

ETX nonprofit & school district join to help expand the Texarkana Boys & Girl's Club
(Source: Fred Gamble/KSLA News 12)
(Source: Fred Gamble/KSLA News 12)

LIBERTY EYLAU, TX (KSLA) - A nonprofit group is joining forces with an East Texas school district to do what they can to help the Boys and Girls club thrive in Texarkana.

C.K. Bender Elementary School in Liberty Eylau will soon be home to the Salvation Army of Texarkana Boys and Girls Club. The Liberty Eylau School district is donating one section of the school's buildings to the Texarkana Boys and Girls Club.

"Now we have a place not only Liberty Eylau students, but students from around Texarkana can come every day and have an after-school program," said Liberty Eylau spokesman Matt Fry.

Currently, the club is located in a small building on Milam Street with no room for growth.

"We've got a facility that is still in pretty good shape. We are building a new school, we didn't need this and we thought it was important for our community to know we are not going to neglect this and fall into ruin, we are going to use it for something," Fry explained.

The Clay Eichler Memorial Fund, a non-profit organization, is trying to raise $160,000 to help with the move. A campaign to make this move a reality kicked off Thursday afternoon with a tour of the new site.

"This mission was something we were compelled to help expand," said Gail Eichler, President Clay Eichler Memorial Fund.

Eichler said the four Texarkana school districts have over 10,000 kids who are considered to be disadvantaged, and that is what moved her organization to step in.

"These parents are working, they can't be home with the kids because they are working when they get out of school, they are latchkey kids and we need a safe environment for these kids to go to where they can learn, be taken care of and have a safe environment," she said.

The next big fundraiser is the fourth annual Clay's Golf and Guitar Event on May 19 at Northridge Country Club in Texarkana.

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