Season 2 of "Murder Chose Me" is "more gritty, more raw and shows the actual crimes"

Season 2 of "Murder Chose Me" is "more gritty, more raw and shows the actual crimes"

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Rod Demery worked more than 250 cases in his 14 years as a Shreveport police homicide detective, solving and getting confessions in all of them.

Another 10 will be highlighted in the second season of his show, "Murder Chose Me."

"I don't know that there's a systematic way of doing it or even a logical way of doing it," he said in discussing this season's lineup.

"It's just the cases that are forefront in my mind."

Season 2 of the true crime show based on real cases that Demery handled premieres at 9 p.m. Wednesday on Investigation Discovery.

And this time around, he said, the focus is more on the cases than on him.

"I kinda like Season 2 better than one," Demery said.

"One is kinda an introduction. It's really intimate. It shows who I am.

"I think this season is more gritty, more raw and shows the actual crimes."

Season 2's first episode profiles a triple shooting in the Shreveport neighborhood known as "The Bottoms."

"It's a real case. And that's one of those cases you look at and go, 'Wow that actually happened here?'"

The season finale will focus on an interesting case that involved multiple homicides and drug trafficking, Demery said.

"I think it kinda highlights what's really going on when it comes to murder. It kinda dispels some myths, some urban legends.

"You always hear there's this no-snitching policy. I think people get the chance to see that's not true."

Reliving his old cases gives Demery an opportunity to experience emotions he says he couldn't while working and allows him to share some of his experiences with viewers.

"I think the biggest thing is murder and violent crime has no boundaries," Demery said.

"People like to compartmentalize and put it into one box or another. But the reality is it can visit anybody. I think that's getting across."

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