VORTEX-SE also aims to educate college students, public about tornadoes in the Southeast

VORTEX SE aims to help forecasters better understand tornadoes in the Southeast

(KSLA) - Scientists are not the only ones on board flights collecting data as part of the National Severe Storms Laboratory's VORTEX Southeast project.

Students at the University of Louisiana at Monroe also are getting in on the action.

The meteorologists-in-training are able to launch weather balloons to give scientists more data from the surface to the upper levels of the atmosphere.

Radar is one of the key tools in predicting weather, in general.

The P-3 Hurricane Hunter has three different ones to get a whole new perspective on a storm.

The plane flies through and around severe storms in the Southeast collecting important data for scientists.

VORTEX-Southeast should hopefully bring more insight to what makes tornadoes form and specifically why they are so dangerous in the Southeast.

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