SUSLA to host "Clean Jacket Day" free expungement event

SUSLA to host "Clean Jacket Day" free expungement event

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - If your criminal record is holding you back, a free event at Southern University in Shreveport may be able to help.

At 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 17, the "Clean Your Jacket" free expungement legal event will be held in the university's gym on the Main Camus at 3050 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

The event will see up to 100 people, participants are encouraged to arrive early as assistance is first come, first served. Anyone who has been incarcerated, arrested, acquitted or who has probation to begin the process of expungement.

"An expungement can help nonviolent offenders remove barriers associated with obtaining gainful employment, enrolling in school, and securing affordable housing," said Shreveport Attorney Felicia Hamilton. "Attendees will benefit from the Clean Your Jacket event because they have the opportunity to learn about the expungement process & meet one on one with an attorney to discuss their specific cases."

Expungement removes a record from public access so that first-time offenders can resume their lives. Most violent crimes and some drug offenses are not eligible.

People seeking expungement services Saturday should bring all relevant paperwork with them.

"In the past, some "Clean Your Jacket" attendees have left the event with completed forms ready to file at the courthouse," Hamilton added.

Participants are encouraged to bring a copy of the minutes from their specific case. This can be obtained from the clerk of court.

For more information visit the "Shreveport Juvenile Reentry Assistance Program" on Facebook or call VOTE at 318-828-0377.

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