Minden first responders applaud pay raise

How Minden police pay now compares to other departments

MINDEN, LA (KSLA) - Minden first responders can expect to bring home more at the end of each month starting March 29.

The Minden city council called a special session Monday morning to approve a pay raise for all city employees. Minden Police Officers and firefighters will see an addition $2,800 added to their salaries, which rounds out to a little more than $230 more per month.

According to Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper, this pay raise couldn't come sooner for his officers.

"It's a good starting point...so I think it'll be beneficial to them," Cropper said. "It's the biggest raise these guys have seen in a long, long time."

The Minden Police Department has lost a number of officers to other cities in Northwest Louisiana due to salary struggles.

"It's going to give our officers just starting out larger pay, which has been my issue here since I've been here," Cropper said.

Cropper said his officers have gone to Haughton, Shreveport and Bossier for higher paying jobs.

The pay hike doesn't just have first responders elated, Minden residents said this raise is well-deserved and long overdue.

"I mean they're first responders and they have to take care of critical situations all the time that we residents don't have to," said Jodie Martin, owner of Geaux Fresh restaurant in Minden. "They deserve a good salary."

Martin said Minden police officers often eat at her restaurant and she's developed a strong relationship with them through time.

"I'll get notes that they've come by and circled the property on the weekend," Martin said. "I mean that makes me feel great as a business owner to know they're taking the time to check out my property and make sure everything's okay."

An extra effort Martin said these officers should be well compensated for.

"I want them to be paid well, I mean good gravy," Martin said. "You've got to carry a gun and put yourself in the middle of danger, it makes it a little bit better if you're paid well and appreciated."

According to Minden city officials, the entire raise will cost around $500,000.

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