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Students prep for their futures at Camp College

(Source: KAIT) (Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT) (Source: KAIT)

A group of Region 8 high school students left their campuses Wednesday to get a taste for college life.

Camp College took place on Arkansas State University’s campus at the Fowler Center.

It’s considered a crash course in what students can expect when preparing for college.

Jason Smith, Associate Director of Enrollment Services, said the sooner students receive this information, the better.

“We talk about the ACT, how to prepare for the ACT and give them tips,” Smith said. “We talk about admission standards. We talk about things as simple as scheduling campus visits. What to look for when you go on a campus visit. We talk about what school you might want to attend. Would it be a private school or a public school?”

Smith said sophomore year is the ideal time to get students thinking about college.

“You can take the ACT up to 12 times, so we want those students to start taking that ACT in their sophomore year so that by the time they are a senior all they have to worry about is filling out the application and things like that for admission,” Smith said.

Around 500 freshman and sophomore students attended the Camp College event. 

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