The Spotlight - Tyron McCoy and the Heart of the City

Tyron McCoy and the Heart of the City

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - In Bossier basketball is like a right a passage. Bossier is a school rich in history and known for consistent success year in and year out.

The current and former students have a saying, "Ain't nothing bigger than the B."

The gym is filled with basketball players from all over on Sunday nights. That's where we find Tyron McCoy and his uncle Devonte Hall. Tyron grew up watching his Uncle Devonte shine on the biggest stage and yearned for an opportunity to be there.

"Devonte's sophomore year, I can't remember his name but there was a guard #3 and they were going back and forth. People were running on the court and it was the hypest game I ever seen. I was like this is like a finals game in the NBA or somethingg. I said this is going to be a great opportunity for me to play here," said Tyron McCoy.

Now that he's here he's been relishing in the moment and soaking up every minute and has become a huge part of the teams recent success.

"My ninth grade year we were playing parkway and I got a steal and coach always said I couldn't dunk. I wanted to prove him wrong so I put a man in the rim and that's when I knew that I could be somethin."

Ty has a work ethic unlike most 17 year old, it's all or nothing attitude every time he takes the floor. He has a different love for life now. He's dreams of winning a state championship with Bossier were cut short this season.

Ty battled with Tachycardia and Bradycardia since his freshman season meaning his heart speeds up and slows down unexpectedly.

"I've passed out about 10 or 15 times in my life due to this heart condition," said Tyron McCoy.

"You know we've been through a lot with him playing sports all his life, plus when he plays the game he gives it his all. The most recent incident that he had deals with his heart and when he reaches a certain speed sometimes it over pumps. It makes him faint and fallout sometimes. That's the reason he had to stop playing basketball for now," said Joe Manning.

Tyron's Mother Olympia Manning has been strong throughout the process.

"People don't understand that as a mother, not being able to fix your child is tough. I'm in the medical field and it's still the unknown to me. When he's sleep I wonder is he okay. When he is at school I wonder is he okay. If he doesn't feel good, I still send him to school because if something happens at least he is at school where someone can care for him. I don't want him to be home passed out non responsive and no one is around," said Olympia Manning.

Ty says it's just something he's grown accustom to dealing with until recently.

"I passed out in class one time, I passed out writing notes in class, I've passed out going to class but the worst one was Huntington," said Tyron McCoy.

The most recent incident happened in a game against Huntington.

"I had to get a heart monitor. The surgery was on February the 2nd and I felt really special because they had a meeting at the flag pole at the school and prayed for me and I really felt the love,
" said Tyron McCoy.

When the students and former students say "It Ain't nothing bigger than the B," they mean the Bond. It's a family not necessarily related by blood.

They show their love through their actions by sticking together.

On the day of Tyron's surgery. They prayed for him at the flag pole. His teammates dedicated their next game to him in several ways.

"I really appreciated that going into my surgery, it took away my jitters and that let me know that I have a good group of people behind me and my family is their supporting me and I know I have to be strong for them and get back on the court and do what I do," said Tyron McCoy.

His teammates also dedicated the next game to him in several ways.

"Kalis Roots and Dante Bell both showed love. So did the entire team. Kalis wore my jersey the next time we played Huntington. Dante Bell wore my head band to show love," said Tyron McCoy.
Ty has plans to finish what he started with his brothers his senior season. Whether on or off the court Tyron has taken a responsibility to be the role model his Uncle Devonte was for him.

"It's like a tree, it's Devonte and then I'm suppose to be better than Devonte and then my little brother Joe Manning Jr. is suppose to be better than I am. So we are working on him to get that engine in him. He's young so it's all about offense right now but we are putting that engine into him and he is kind of getting it now," said Tyron McCoy.
"To see my nephew's looking up to me and actually looking up to me and me pushing them to be whatever they want to be I mean it's not just about basketball. You know like I told them you have to keep God first and then get your education and then basketball or football will fall in place. We had a talk and I was like what are you going to do if you can't play basketball any more. I don't think he ever thought about that," says his uncle Devonte Hall.
"I just have to make sure that my heart says you can go and not my mind saying you can go."

Ty now has heart monitor continues that continues keep track of his heart as doctors work to find a diagnosis for his condition

Throughout the process he's found that Bond. It's a cycle that will forever be ingrained in Bossier.

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