ETX student arrested after 'I'm going to shoot up the school' found on bathroom mirror

ETX student arrested after 'I'm going to shoot up the school' found on bathroom mirror
A student has been arrested over a threat written on a bathroom mirror at DeKalb High School, authorities say. (Source: KSLA News 12)

DEKALB, TX (KSLA) - "I'm going to shoot up the school."

East Texas authorities say that is what was written on a bathroom mirror.

And they suspect it was written by a teenager who reportedly was being bullied.

The message was discovered Tuesday at the high school in DeKalb, Texas.

DeKalb police began investigating it Wednesday morning.

Police Chief Shawn Walraven said he has since arrested a 14-year-old student who is being taken to a juvenile detention center..

The threat was written because the student apparently was being bullied by a group of other students over the past couple days, the police chief said.

DeKalb Independent School District has a form online for students and parents to report bullying.

School District officials said they take all threats seriously, investigate them and let police know.

Walraven said the alleged threat on the bathroom mirror is unrelated to the investigation of report of a photograph of a youth with an assault rifle being posted on Instagram.

The picture was forwarded to the principal. District officials said there was nothing they saw about someone threatening to do anything to the school. They turned the investigation over to authorities.

Walraven said the Instagram picture case was turned over to the Bowie County, Texas, Sheriff's Office.

On Monday, the School District posted on Facebook the following regarding "a report that written material threatening the safety of DISD staff and students had been discovered."

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