Dramatic rescue saves cattle from rising flood waters

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Rising flood waters led to some very tense moments in north Caddo Parish this Monday morning. That's because deputies, cattle owners and their friends all pitched in to save some cattle from near certain death.

Rescuers soon pulled four cows to safety, one after another, just north of 12 Mile Bayou after flood waters had poured over its banks and flooded normally dry land.

It was a driver on Interstate-49 here in north Caddo Parish that first spotted the cows about 10 a.m., several treading water just to stay alive until help could arrive, after getting caught up in brush and trees.

"Our Marine Patrol and our Stock Patrol went out with local cattle owners and they were able to pull them up from the brush and I know they rescued a baby and I think a momma," recalled Sgt. Pamela Purgerson with the Caddo Sheriff's Office:

The sheriff's office told us they did warn farmers and ranchers about the potential threats of high way in the coming week. And when it arrived, it happened all-too-quickly.

Livestock owner Ed Jorden, said they had about 30 head of cattle just west of this bridge and the southbound lanes of I-49. Jorden said had the cattle on high ground, until several wandered into 12 Mile Bayou where they floated about a quarter of a mile downstream before getting caught up in those trees and brush.

Jorden added that just like flooding two years ago, he's just grateful for all the help, especially from the Caddo Sheriff's Office once again.

"They helped us last time. We had to cross last time. We crossed a hundred cows across 49 up here and they stopped traffic and helped us. And they really helped us this time," said Jordan.

We're told that some deputies couldn't help but get a little emotional seeing the animals struggling to survive. "All of us were standing there upset because you know you could hear them. And we couldn't get to them. But our Marine lieutenant, Donna Jackson, she got here really quick with the boat and we were able to get them out," recalled Sgt. Pamela Purgerson:.

Several sources said they thought they had spotted another calf also make it to dry ground farther down, ending this ordeal on a positive note.

Caddo Sheriff's Office Spokeswoman Cindy Chadwick said fortunately they have not had any other reports of livestock or other animals in the parish getting trapped or killed by high water. And they hope it stays that way.

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