Robber who targets women hit his latest victim with a bat

Robber who targets women now wields a baseball bat

A robber has attacked and robbed women more than once, police say.

And of late, authorities say, his assaults have become increasingly vicious.

"The suspect recently has started to become more violent toward these females. He's striking them with a baseball bat," Shreveport police Detective Turpin said.

Chanara Pouncy, the robber's latest victim, said that's what happened to her Tuesday evening in a small office building in the 4600 block of Monkhouse Drive.

She said she heard a noise in the hallway.

Thinking it was her husband, Pouncy opened the door.

"I just kinda stuck my head out the door. And soon as I stuck my head out, he just came right out and started swinging the bat," Pouncy recalled.

"I had to go down the hallway, but he caught up with me.

"And when he did, he had my purse in his hand and the bat in the other hand," she continued.

"And he drug me back in and he was holding onto me as he was kicking each door, each business."

The intruder then dumped out her purse in search of cash.

Pouncy said she eventually was able to lock herself in an office and call police.

At some point during the assault, she said she was hit in her side with a baseball bat, leaving a bruise.

"It was horrific."

Now Pouncy said she is doing what she can to help the owners of other business nearby.

"We have to, as tenants and businesses, come together and look out for each other," she explained.

"So we are going door to door to say 'Hey, here's our number. If we see anything, we are calling the police'."

Shreveport police say a series of robberies targeting older women outside businesses started in late January on Line Avenue.

The robber would approach a woman from behind, knock her to the ground and take her purse.

On at least one occasion, he stole his victim's car. The vehicle later was recovered.

"We've had several reports of those incidents where he's hit them in the head and other bodily parts and then taking their purses and fleeing on foot," said Turpin, a member of the Police Department's tactical robbery unit.

The robber has been described as a male who stands about 6" tall and weighs about 170 pounds. He wears a black hoodie pulled over his head.

Shreveport police are urging everyone, particularly senior citizens and women who travel alone, to use extra caution.

That is especially true when they are on business parking lots, authorities say.


  • Always be alert.
  • Keep your head up and your keys in hand.
  • Visually scan the parking lot before exiting a business.
  • Do not allow yourself to be distracted by a cell phone or something else.
  • If you see something suspicious, return to the business and call 911.

Police also urge business owners, managers and other employees to keep an extra watchful eye on their parking lots.

And if they see anything suspicious, they too are to report it to police immediately.

Authorities urge anyone with any information to contact Crime Stoppers by calling (318) 673-7373 or visiting the organization's website,

Tips also may be submitted via the Crime Stoppers app, P3Tips, which can be downloaded in the app store.

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