After 51 years, Seattle woman finally finds ArkLaTex family

Two sisters meet their half-sister for the first time

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - It was a meeting 51 years in the making but for Washington state resident Alicia Jermyn, her long journey ultimately leading to the discovery of her family was worth it.

"This is my family," said Jermyn. "There's no question about it."

Jermyn was put up for adoption in Dallas in 1965, before landing in Washington state.

Fifteen years ago, she had an aneurysm sparked by a medical condition she was totally unaware of.

"I started to black out and I called my honey and said, 'my right arm's asleep and I'm blacking out," Jermyn said.

After this near-death experience, Jermyn learned the condition that led to the aneurysm was hereditary. Out of caution, she wanted to find her biological siblings to warn them of what she had dealt with.

"I needed to warn them because if they died because I didn't do something, are you kidding me with that?" said Jermyn.

A DNA test ultimately led her to her biological father and then her half-sisters.

For the first time, Jermyn emotionally met her two half-sisters at Shreveport Regional Airport Friday evening.

"When you never have anybody that's like you, and to accept and understand you, that's a big one for me," Jermyn said. "They get me."

Jermyn connected with her half-sisters on Facebook. Her sisters were in a state of shock when Jermyn initially reached out.

"I didn't believe it at first and then she started sending pictures of herself and our grandmother," said Kelli Wright, Jermyn's half-sister. "As soon as we saw her, we knew she was our sister, had to be our sister."

Jermyn said she felt instantly attached to her long-lost siblings, though there are some growing pains.

"She thinks she's right and I know I am," said Kristen Rawls, another half-sister. "It's beginning."

Jermyn said she'll be in the ArkLaTex for the next month, but trips are already being planned to her home in Washington state.

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