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Harley Davidson recalls 250K bikes for brake issues

Source: Harley Davidson Source: Harley Davidson

Over 250,000 Harley Davidson bikes are being recalled because of brake issues and it is expected to cost the company over $25 million. 

The company is issuing a voluntary recall for all CVO touring and VSRC bikes manufactured between 2008 and 2011.

The problem is connected to the anti-brake system, specifically the brake fluid.

Currently the bikes being recalled use whats called Dot 4 brake fluid. But research has shown that as it ages, its chemical properties deteriorate.

In response to this Harley Davidson has developed a new fluid called Platinum Label Dot 4. Unfortunately it won't be available until mid-March. Riders will then be able to get the new product free of cost.

If you are concerned and want to bring your bike in before then, there will be a cost to have it checked. 

But according to long time Harley rider, Herman Davis, and Harley expert Curtis Philpot, checking your bike is essential even when there isnt a recall.

"Do a visual on your motorcycle every time you stop," explained Philpot. "When you're getting fuel, when your getting a Krystal, whenever."

"If you're riding two wheels, you better think about taking care of it," said bike owner Herman Davis.

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