Texarkana offers amnesty program to pay fines

Texarkana offers amnesty program to pay fines

TEXARKANA, AR (KSLA) - Anyone with an outstanding warring in Texarkana, AR for failure to appear or probation violations, they can get their fees and jail time wiped clean.

To clear the fee, show up to the Bi-State or Miller County Correctional Facility to make your full payment.

There will not be any fees or jail time.

The amnesty program will run through April 30.

Last year Judge Autrey added a new opportunity for people with non-violent charges that have had three or more contempt warrants to clear these warrants by paying 50 percent of the amount owed.

Many of these warrants stem from unresolved traffic violations from as long as five years ago and have since had fees and cost added to their fine.

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