Shreveport City Council looks to pass public drinking ordinance

Shreveport City Council looks to pass public drinking ordinance

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Shreveport City Council will make a final vote Tuesday that would allow public drinking at "sidewalk cafés," bars and restaurants with patio seating.

The ordinance would speed up the process for event planners looking to hold special events inside city limits where drinking is permitted outdoors.

The change in law for Chapters 10, 63, and 78 of the Shreveport Code of Ordinances would remove the step that requires the city council to pass a special resolution to hold events, and it would instead allow people to just apply for a special events permit and be done with it.

City Councilman Jeff Everson says this could save event planners weeks of time, allow them to go ahead with the planning stages and have more time to promote the event.

"People holding the events also have to get a state permit, along with insurance, so taking out this step would take a huge weight off of their shoulders," said Everson.

The original ordinance would have also allowed for public drinking in specific areas of Shreveport by using open containers labeled "Go-Cups".

However, Everson says that part of the ordinance will likely have to be revisited.

The city council will vote on the ordinance at the meeting Tuesday at 3 p.m.

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